I love to travel. I love to shoot. Put a plane ticket and a camera in my hand, and I’m a happy guy.  I keep it simple, and I stay lighthearted in the most challenging of situations. I laugh a lot. I drive on the left. I only occasionally fall on my face. I make cool photographs.

Whether it’s spending days knee deep in mud with a rice farming family in Bali, jumping off waterfalls in chilly New Zealand, photographing a traditional Tahitian meal buried in the ground in the wee hours of the morning, or finding a way to shoot Caribbean boats and beaches from the air, I’ve been fortunate to travel to more than fifty countries and meet people of literally all walks of life. In that time I have collaborated with talented creatives and editors from enthusiast brands such as Islands, Yachting, Coastal Living, Men's Journal, Condé Nast Traveller UK, Martha Stewart Weddings, Sport Diver, Malibu Boats, Scuba Diving, Caribbean Travel + Life, Tigé Boats, Marlow Yachts, and Yeti, among many others. I enjoy making beautiful photographs, from concept to shutter click.

I’d love to collaborate with you either on location or in the studio. Reach out and say hi, and let’s make something rad happen.